About Dianah Elizabeth


Hey! Welcome to my studio, currently operated out of my humble flat in Sydney with my Cavoodle side kick, Winston.

The short and skinny of it...

I’m Dianah, a self-taught watercolour artist, psychologist and eternal summer seeker. Growing up in Brisbane, my art has been shaped by long humid summers, endless beaches and Weiss ice-cream bars. Fused with a wandering spirit and colourful travels, I focus on tonal colour palettes and vibrant details.

A very ‘Strayan childhood

I've been painting watercolour since I was six years old. My Dad guided me to paint a hibiscus we picked from the garden. The result was a vibrant, orchestrated orange blob. From that moment I was hooked - a legacy passed on from father to daughter.  

Some ripper inspiration

Fusing psychology with art, I'm curious about the interplay between imagery and wellbeing. I'm fascinated by how imagery can transport us to places and memories that bring comfort and joy. Like looking at an old photograph of a treasured moment.

I am passionate about creating inviting spaces of sanctuary, community and rest through art; offering a retreat from the frenzy of our busy lives. Every artwork is designed to achieve this, creating an aesthetic and nostalgic vibe.


Thanks for stopping by! I hope my site has inspired you to take a closer look at my work or pick up a brush. Whatever it did, I appreciate you and your support. 

Please contact me for any inquiries at hello@dianahelizabeth.com, or follow along on Instagram @dianahelizabeth if you want to see what happens behind the scenes!

Much love,

Dianah xx